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Strategic Studies

For future human rights policy and practice.

Strategic Studies is an initiative of Amnesty International Netherlands. Since 2013 Strategic Studies has been mapping out national and international social, political and legal developments which can affect the future of human rights and the work of Amnesty International in particular.

Bundel Climate change, justice and human rights
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Latest: Climate change, justice and human rights

The fifth essay volume in the Changing perspectives on human rights series contains a collection of ten essays on climate change, justice and human rights. The authors  explore the opportunities, threats and difficulties at the nexus of human rights and climate change, examining concepts of justice as well as recent human rights approaches to climate change issues in specific policy areas.

The volume contains contributions from Ashfaq Khalfan & Chiara Liguori, Eric Posner, Jane McAdam & Sanjula Weerasinghe, Barbara Oomen, Sara Seck, Annalisa Savaresi, Stephen Humphreys, Elizabeth Dirth, Anna Schoemakers and Bridget Lewis.

Cover of Shifting Power and Human Rights Diplomacy: China

China – Shifting Power and Human Rights

The sixth essay volume in the Shifting Power and Human Rights Diplomacy series contains a collection of twelve essay on the human rights policy of the People’s Republic of China. The authors trace the Chinese visions and narratives that are (re)shaping international norms and standards relating to human rights, discuss the various ways in which China expands its global influence and promotes its views, and give recommendations to various stakeholders on how to uphold and strengthen the human rights system.

The volume contains contributions from, among others, Sarah M. Brooks (International Service for Human Rights), Pitman B. Potter (Peter A. Allard School of Law), Cédric Alviani (Reporters Without Borders), Eva Pils (King’s College London) and Joshua Rosenzweig (Amnesty International).

Other volumes in this series focus on Russia (2017), Germany (2016), South Africa (2016), India (2015) and Brazil (2014).

Changing Perspectives on Human Rights

The Changing Perspectives on Human Rights series explores possible implications of relevant social, political, legal and technological trends for the future of human rights and the work of human rights organizations. The essay volumes consists of original, critical and forward-looking essays by leading academics and practitioners working in the human rights domain.

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Shifting Power and Human Rights Diplomacy

The Shifting Power and Human Rights Diplomacy series focuses on rising powers and their current and potential roles in the international protection and promotion of human rights. It contains volumes with original essays on the human rights foreign policy of rising global and regional powers, which are distributed to key strategic leaders in ministries, think tanks, universities and NGO’s working on human rights, democracy and rule of law.

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Lars van Troost

Senior policy and strategy adviser, Amnesty Nederland