Changing Perspectives on Human Rights

The Changing Perspectives on Human Rights series explores possible implications of relevant social, political, legal and technological trends for the future of human rights and the work of human rights organizations. The essay volumes consists of original, critical and forward-looking essays by leading academics and practitioners working in the human rights domain.

Climate change, justice and human rights

This collection of ten essays explores the opportunities, threats and difficulties at the nexus of human rights and climate change, examining concepts of justice as well as recent human rights approaches to climate change issues in specific policy areas.

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Will human rights survive illiberal democracy?

This collection of nine essays explores the background of the rise of illiberal democracies and its consequences for human rights advocacy, providing perspectives on whether and how human rights NGOs and governments could respond to it.

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Can human rights bring social justice?

This collection of twelve essays explores the differences and similarities between social justice and human rights, providing divergent perspectives on whether and how human rights NGOs should pursue social justice.

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The Future of Human Rights in an Urban World

This collection of eight essays explores the opportunities and challenges that a rapidly urbanizing world with megacities poses for human rights and for the work of human rights advocates in particular.

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Debating The Endtimes of Human Rights. Activism and Institutions in a Neo-Westphalian World

This collection of ten essays discusses Stephen Hopgood’s thesis that the future for human rights looks gloomy in a multipolar world of renewed sovereignty, resurgent religion and the rollback of universal human rights.

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