HURICAP (Human Rights Capacity-Building Programme) supports human rights organizations and activists in Africa and the Middle East to defend the rights of their communities.

In many countries, governments are often unable or unwilling to secure the human rights of their population. Especially in countries marked by authoritarian regimes, deeply rooted poverty, inequality and armed conflict, peoples’ human rights are violated on a large scale.

HURICAP works with local organizations and activists looking to improve their capacity in defending the rights of their communities. HURICAP does so through tailor-made training, coaching, and advice, the development of handbooks and training materials, as well as through financial and material support when needed.

Bevolking in de door SPLM-Noord gecontroleerde Blauwe Nijl regio van Soedan vraagt om een beëindiging van de bombardementen die door de Soedanese regering worden uitgevoerd. Dit beeld is vastgelegd door een monitor uit de Blauwe Nijl regio in april 2014.
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