Het Write for Rights-evenement 2019 op Amnesty's hoofdkantoor in Amsterdam werd druk bezocht
© Marieke Wijntjes

Write for Rights-English

On 10 December we celebrate ‘International Human Rights Day’. For this occasion, Amnesty organises Write For Rights. A worldwide letter writing event that you can join. Together with friends, roommates, your student group or just by yourself, you can write a letter or card for someone whose human rights are being violated. You can help to get a wrongfully imprisoned person released, to protect an activist, to serve justice and to change someone’s life!

Teodora del Carmen Vásquez met brieven en kaarten die voor haar werden geschreven tijdens de Write for Rights-schrijfactie
© Amnesty International

How can you join?

Even though it’s past 10 December, you can still join the Write for Rights online. In no time you can sign a letter on the Amnesty website. We will print all letters and send them to the authorities, who will be overloaded with mailbags. You can also send an online postcard to show your support to someone. This way, this person doesn’t feel forgotten. Sign the online letters here


Melike Balkan en Özgür Gür

Who are we writing for?

There are ten different (groups of) people from all over the world who need our help. Among them students, refugees and LGBTI activists. You can write one letter and one card, but the more the better of course. You have the ability to change their lives! 

Who are they?

Check for more general info www.writeforights.nlwww.amnesty.org/writeforrights 

Keep up with our activities on instagram for students!