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Human Rights Capacity-Building Programme

HURICAP has produced various handbooks for African human rights organisations and activists working with communities. You can download these publications for free. They are available in English, French and partly in Portuguese, Arabic, and some African languages.

HURICAP publication Biashara-na-Haki (002)

Biashara Na Haki

The Biashara na Haki: Impacts of Businesses on Human Rights series seeks to respond to concerns raised by HURICAP’s local partners in Africa that there are insufficient human rights education materials aimed at local nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) and community-based organisations (CBOs) in relation to corporate-related human rights issues.


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Haki Zetu

Haki Zetu is a practical toolkit on economic, social and cultural rights. This toolkit aims to support local activists and development workers who use a rights-based approach to tackle economic and social problems. There is a Main Book, and separate booklets on specific rights (e.g. the right to housing or health).

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The Ukweli series are developed and used to monitor, document and report human rights violations. The handbook discusses principles of research, provides guidelines for interviewing and fact-finding, and suggests strategies for tackling problems and challenges. There is a Main Handbook and separate booklets on specific violations (e.g. torture or sexual violence).

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Other publications

HURICAP has also produced other publications such as Ben ni Walen: Mobilising for human rights using participatory theatre; Siniko: Towards a human rights culture in Africa; and Mapping for human rights.

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Hard copies of the booklets can be ordered by filling in our online form. African NGOs or CSOs can order one or two hard copies of selected publications for free. For multiple copies, detailed justifications are required.

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