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    Sri Lanka: ‘Ready to suppress any protest’: Unlawful use of weapons during protests

    Sri Lanka’s law enforcement officials engaged in the violent repression of protests must be held accountable for committing widespread human…

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    Less lethal weapons

    These six sheets give a brief overview of less lethal weapons including their potential effects and risks. They summarize when…

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    Iran: “They violently raped me”: Sexual violence weaponized to crush Iran’s ‘Woman life freedom’ uprising

    Intelligence and security forces committed horrific acts of rape and other forms of sexual violence against protesters arbitrarily detained during…

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    El Salvador: Behind the veil of popularity: Repression and regression of human rights in El Salvador

    This report is the result of three fact-finding missions and 83 interviews, which document the installation of a context marked…

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    Ben ni Walen: Mobilising for human rights using participatory theatre

    Ben ni Walen: Mobilising for human rights using participatory theatre Ben ni Walen presents seven participatory drama methods that incorporate…

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    Ukweli: Investigating Human Rights Violations

    The Ukweli series were developed to be used to monitor, document and report human rights violations. These publications provide detailed…

  • Haki Zetu

    Publications on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

    HURICAP's latest publication, a handbook on ESC rights, targets civil society organizations and human rights defenders in the Middle East and North Africa.

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    Biashara na Haki: Impacts of Businesses on Human Rights

    The "Biashara na Haki" series addresses the need for human rights education on corporate issues for African NGOs and CBOs, as identified by HURICAP's partners.

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    Netherlands: Unchecked Power: ID Checks and Collection of Data from Peaceful Protesters in the Netherlands

    States are increasingly imposing obstacles to the right to protest. In the Netherlands, authorities are turning to surveillance tools, collecting…

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    Peru: Lethal racism: Extrajudicial executions and unlawful use of force by Peru’s security forces

    Since 7 December 2022, Peru has experienced one of its deepest political and social crises of recent decades. Thousands of…