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    Ben ni Walen: Mobilising for human rights using participatory theatre

    Ben ni Walen presents seven participatory drama methods that incorporate seven human rights issues. The methods are presented as basic…

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    Ukweli is a Swahili word for “finding the truth.”

    The Ukweli series consists of two versions: an original version, and a revised version. The original Ukweli series was developed…

  • Haki Zetu

    Publications on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

    HURICAP's latest publication, a handbook on ESC rights, targets civil society organizations and human rights defenders in the Middle East and North Africa.

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    Biashara na Haki: Impacts of Businesses on Human Rights

    The "Biashara na Haki" series addresses the need for human rights education on corporate issues for African NGOs and CBOs, as identified by HURICAP's partners.

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    Nicaragua: A cry for justice: Five years of oppression and resistance

    Nicaragua is experiencing a grave human rights crisis characterized by a crackdown on protest and constant attacks on political dissidents,…

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    Kinetic Impact Projectiles (KIPs) in law enforcement

    Responding to the frequent misuse across the globe of kinetic impact projectiles, commonly known as rubber bullets, today Amnesty International…

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    Thailand: “We are reclaiming our future”: Children’s right to peaceful assembly in Thailand

    “We Are Reclaiming Our Future” examines key human rights issues and obstacles impeding children’s full enjoyment of their right to…

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    Colombia: The police does not care for me: Sexual violence and other gender-based violence in the 2021 National Strike

    In this report, Amnesty International reveals repeated and generalized practices of violence against women, children and LGBTIQ+ people in the…

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    Russia: “You Will Be Arrested Anyway”: Reprisals Against Monitors and Media Workers Reporting from Protests

    Over the last 10 years, the human rights situation in Russia has been continuously deteriorating. The authorities have severely curtailed…

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    Pakistan: Braving the Storm: Enforced disappearances and the right to protest in Pakistan

    After exhausting all avenues, families of the disappeared and activists are forced to publicly campaign and peacefully protest against enforced…