Other HURICAP publications

Other HURICAP publications

Ben ni Walen: Mobilising for human rights using participatory theatre

This handbook Lees ook: Download the Ben ni Walen guide presents seven participatory drama methods that incorporate seven human rights issues. The methods are presented as basic guidelines that can and should be adapted to the circumstances; the human rights issues are merely illustrative examples to demonstrate how the methods could be used.

Siniko: Towards a human rights culture in Africa

This is a manual for teachers and educators Bekijk ook: Download Siniko: Towards a human rights culture in Africa working with young people who want to introduce human rights into their educational practices. It is a basic introduction with advice on methodology, activities for older and younger children and ideas for action.

Mapping for human rights

This short guide Lees ook: Download Mapping for human rights seeks to provide a succinct and user-friendly explanation of what ‘mapping’ is and how it can be used in the development of strategies to combat human rights violations and abuses. It also includes a training session for those who may wish to share this skill with others.

Human Rights Volunteers in Liberia: Lessons learned

This document Lees ook: Download Human Rights Volunteers in Liberia: Lessons learned presents lessons learned from a four-year pilot project undertaken by HURICAP in Liberia. The project sought to provide human rights training to community activists in rural communities in a (post)conflict environment.

Impact Assesment Report Sierra Leone Programme

The Accessing Justice Programme aims to facilitate access to seek and claim justice for rural communities in (post)conflict Sierra Leone.  A full impact assessment Lees ook: Download Impact Assessment Report was carried out in 2011, in two separate regional operations, in northern and southern Sierra Leone. The lessons learned of this evaluation have informed the further development of several aspects of the next stage of the programme, which runs from 2011 – 2015.