Solidariteitsactie van Amnesty Nederland voor collega's in Hongarije

We stand with the people of Hungary

We stand with the people of Hungary

Human rights defenders in Hungary badly need our solidarity. They are under great pressure since the Fidesz Party of Prime Minister Orbán is in power. Orbán limits freedom by adapting legislation and he creates fear among citizens with large public smear campaigns.

On 12 April the pro-governmental Hungarian weekly magazine ‘Figyelö’ published a blacklist of employees of non-governmental organizations. These include Amnesty Hungary, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, Civil Liberties Union, Transparency International Hungary and many other civil society organizations. Mihály ‘Mex’ Droppa is a student, activist and volunteer at Amnesty Hungary that we like to introduce to you. Activists like him need our help!

With a new law the Hungarian government forces civil society organizations that receive more than €24,000 from abroad, to register. They also have to mention in all their publications and on their website that they are a ‘foreign-funded organization’. This might seem harmless, but it’s not. The suggestion is raised that there has been foreign interference, which undermines their credibility. Amnesty Hungary wants to challenge this law and wants to show that for this there is support from all over Europe.

By raising €24,000 with 24,000 people, employees from Amnesty Hungary can take action against oppression in their country. Support people like Mex with just €1.

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