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Vacancy National Student Groups Coordinator

Amnesty International the Netherlands has thirteen active Amnesty Student Groups spread across the country. Each academic year, however, most board members (and part of the member base) are replaced by new ones. This dynamic creates a challenge to preserve continuity and to not lose any required knowledge and useful experience. The National Student Group Coordinators (NSGC) help student groups face this challenge by helping to smoothen the transition between old and new board, and facilitate sharing of lessons learned, experiences and information between student groups and the secretariat of AINL.

As one of our two student NSGC has recently graduated and is busy applying for a job, we are looking for a new student to fill his shoes and form a team with the other coordinator. Are you a great communicator & organiser with Amnesty Student Group experience, knowledge on the workings of the AINL Secretariat and eager to help student groups with their important work? Please apply for this position before 2 July 2020, via the link below