Masterclass Leeuwarden

Last week we went all the way to the Thorbecke Academy in Leeuwarden for a masterclass. Together with students studying Law, European Studies, Safety and Security management, Administration and Government management, we talked about our programme ‘Security & Human Rights’. Our expert Nine de Vries discussed the ‘Sleepwet’. It was a tough discussion, we had pro’s and opponents trying to convince each other. How about you? Have you decided yet what you’re going to vote on 21 March?! You have one week left to decide! In the meantime, you can read the experience of one of the attendees, Jade Krake.

My name is Jade Krake, I am the assessor of the Integral Security commission ‘Trias Politica’ and a first-year student from the study Safety and security management. Our study association, S.G. Trias Politica organises different events for students, this time we invited Amnesty International for a masterclass. Given the background from the students, we thought the programme ‘Security and Human Rights’ would match their interest the most. The referendum about the ‘Sleepwet’ is very topical, so we hoped a case study about this law would give the students something to think about. The masterclass was educational, but also fun and interactive. It did meet my expectations. I learned a bit more about Amnesty as an organisation and something about the law on intelligence and security services. What I liked most was the interaction of the masterclass. If another masterclass about a new interesting topic would come up, I’ll be there!

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