Manipur: Armed groups attacking people in the name of women’s rights is a human rights abuse

Responding to reports of armed groups in Manipur killing a man accused of rape and injuring another, in two separate incidents, Asmita Basu, Programmes Director at Amnesty International India said: ”Armed groups violently attacking individuals in the name of protecting women’s rights is a dangerous trend. Vigilante ‘justice’ undermines the rule of law and does little to improve women’s safety.”

Anyone accused of a crime has the right to a free and fair trial. The state government must ensure justice for female survivors of violence in line with human rights standards”.

The United Liberation Front of Manipur, an armed group outlawed by Indian authorities, issued a statement claiming responsibility for both attacks. According to media reports the group blindfolded and shot to death 43-year-old Irom Bobo accused of raping and then killing a minor girl in 2013. He had been charged by the police and was facing trial. Similarly, on 8 August, a 37-year-old man undergoing trial for a rape committed in 2013 was shot at and injured. However, unlike Irom Bobo, he survived.