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Amnesty has developed different lesson materials for International Schools and Bilangual Education (CLIL). This material is interactive, adheres to attainment goals and covers 1 or 2 lessons. You can order the lesson materials here!

Fleeing the War (age 10 – 12)

Fleeing the War is centered around the lives of Esra, Ghatim and Majid who had to flee Syria in search of safety. Their impressive flight stories are featured in three short clips. The materials consist of different interactive assignments for one lesson, based on these stories to help pupils become aware of the challenges refugee children face. After the lesson, all pupils will receive a paper tablecloth with more food for thought for their kitchen table to continue discussing the topic in their own homes with their own families.

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On the Road (age 12-14)

The lessons series On the Road, on human rights and refugees,  is developed for pupils aged 12 to 14 and is particularly suitable for the English language classroom, art projects and theatre education. The lessons centre around the animated short film A giraffe in the Rain. This film tells the story of a giraffe that is forced out of its country by a dictator and has to start a new life elsewhere. Through quiz questions, speaking and writing assignments and drama exercises, pupils learn more about the rights of refugees and are invited to compare and contrast their own lives with the life of a refugee. On the Road consists of materials for two lessons and extra assignments for projects. However, each lesson can be taught independently of each other.

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