Shifting Power and Human Rights Diplomacy – Brazil

Economic and political power is shifting from the West to the Global South and East. Yet practitioners and academics working on international human rights seem to only occasionally pay attention to the emerging powers outside the West and the consequences of their rise for world order.

The Shifting Power and Human Rights Diplomacy series focuses on rising powers and their current and potential roles in the international protection and promotion of human rights. Will the human rights regime gain more support and legitimacy because of these power shifts, will rising powers try to restore the sanctity of state sovereignty within world politics or are they aiming for other changes in the international order?

Human rights in the foreign policy of Brazil

The first volume in this new series focuses on Brazil and contains nine essays published by Strategic Studies, an initiative of Amnesty International Netherlands. Experts on Brazilian foreign policy critically reflect on the opportunities and threats that this rising power may present to the global human rights regime.

This volume is edited by Thijs van Lindert and Lars van Troost (Strategic Studies, Amnesty International Netherlands). Contributors: Par Engstrom, Oliver Stuenkel, Maria Laura Canineu, Eileen Donahoe, Paulo de Tarso Lugon Arantes, Susanne Gratius, Fernando Brancoli, Diana Thomaz, Maurício Santoro, Fiona Macaulay, Lucia Nader and Laura Trajber Waisbich.