Raise your voice for human rights in Europe

Raise your voice for human rights in Europe

On the 23th of May it’s time to vote for the European elections. This is the time European voters can express themselves about a new European direction. By using your right to vote, you can help determine the future of our continent. Right now, many of us seem to share a creeping feeling that Europe is completely heading in the wrong direction. We see leaders spreading hate and fear, crackdowns on peaceful activists, and powerful people pushing for policies that increase social injustice and destroys our environment. To get things back on track, your voice matters! We need to be loud to be heard. The European elections in May are a unique opportunity to do just that.

Why you should vote

Luckily, many young people are standing up for human rights. One of those people is Roma activist Marius Pruteanu.

“It’s very important now, when the new elections are coming, that we go and vote, to say what we think and not sit at home on the sofa watching TV. I wish all young people would come out and vote, to express what they want to do with their lives, the future. Every vote that you give someone means that person can do something for you, for others. You shouldn’t let the people in Parliament just do what they like. You should be there; someone should be representing you in Parliament.” Want to read and see more of Marius or other inspiring stories from young people who are part of the ‘Turn it up campaign’?

Manifestation ‘Heart trumps hate’

We hope these young people inspired you to vote for the European elections on 23 May! To show your support for an equal, free and human rights friendly Europe, join the manifestation ‘Hart boven Hard’ (hear trumps hate) on 19 May in park Transwijk Utrecht and sign the manifesto.

Together we can challenge our politicians to build better, more equal societies. A major opportunity to do this is just around the corner, so don’t forget to vote.