Meet a real-life LGBTI-activist from Poland!

Meet a real-life LGBTI-activist from Poland!

On 6 October we are organizing a masterclass about the human Rights situation in Poland. In addition to three interesting speakers, we have also invited Dominik Kuc, an activist from Warsaw! Oh and by the way, he is also been featured in Vogue Poland and VICE Poland . Let’s meet this cool guy!

Dominik is a 18-year old student at IX Klementyna Hoffmanowa high school and a graduate from the Warsaw Academy of Young Leaders. He is also a member of the advisory committee of ‘Equality Parade’ and the author of ‘The Warsaw Ranking of LGBTI-friendly schools’. He has helped many young LGBTI-students to choose a gay friendly high school.

In May 2018, he published the first Ranking of LGBTI-friendly schools in Poland. To achieve this, he had organised a large social research in every single public school in Warsaw. More than 4200 teachers and students responded to his questionnaire. This lid to the creation and the publication of a big report.

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