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Workshop A Struggle for Peace

Want to know more about the limitations of knowledge, identity and power? Come to the congress ‘A Struggle for Peace’
Student Association for International Relations (SIB) from Utrecht will host the congress ‘A Struggle for Peace’ on 7 April 2018. The congress will discuss the challenges of our modern time. This year’s theme will be limitations: limitations of knowledge, identity and power, because these aspects are the building blocks of conflict and peace processes. The aim is to provide an insight in and create awareness of current conflict situations, peace and its conditions. The congress consists of many different components, speakers and themes. Including Amnesty’s ‘Human Rights and Human Rights Defenders’ workshop.

Human Rights Defenders under threat: a shrinking space for civil society
The international work of human rights defenders is under increasing pressure. For years now, there is a global unprecedented attack on civil society, restricting human rights. Governments are taking drastic measures which violate our freedom of expression, assembly and association. Due to a wide range of repressive laws and practices, governments are obstructing the activities of human rights defenders and civil society organisations (CSOs) making their work much more difficult, dangerous or even impossible. During this workshop we will discuss the limitations of power from a human rights perspective. Which restrictions do human rights defenders have to face and what do they need to continue doing their work?

Please note that the workshop will be in Dutch

The workshop will take place in Utrecht from 14.15 till 15.30. To order tickets and get more information about the rest of the program, visit the website