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Amnesty network Utrecht is looking for an activist leader marketing / PR

Amnesty network Utrecht is looking for an activist leader marketing / PR

Amnesty International is a democratic global movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights to be respected and protected for everyone. Its power lays in the profound commitment and motivation of its members, who aspire to fight injustice through rapid and decisive action.


Amnesty International Network Utrecht (AINU) is looking for an activist leader marketing/PR. Voluntary position, with an average of 4 hours per week. 

Amnesty International Network Utrecht is a network in Utrecht where everyone can contribute to having a positive effect on the world through learning about and committing to the fight against human rights violations. As activist leader Marketing / PR, you will design the social media strategy of the Amnesty International Network in Utrecht and work on the campaigns of AINU. Within this function, you will compose a team of activists, and together you will form the social-media team of AINU. As this function is new, there will be a lot of room for your own input and creativity. 

Who are you?

  • You have affiliation with social media and like to be online
  • You are creative and like to write online content 
  • You are curious and connecting
  • You like to take responsibility 
  • You are capable of working project-based
  • You are no afraid approaching new people
  • You know how to motivate people to fight for human rights

About the job

As an activist leader, your job consists mainly of following aspects:

1.Composing a team of activists

  • Recruiting activists 
  • Coaching your activists
  • Involving the members of your team in the execution of the social media strategy 
  • Contributing to the personal development of your activists 

2.Development and execution of a social media strategy with your team

  • Designing a social media strategy for the running campaigns
  • Keeping AINU’s social media up to date  

What does Amnesty offer you?

  • You will be part of a network with enthusiastic people that fight for Human Rights
  • You will be able to gain experience in campaigning with Amnesty
  • Development of your knowledge and skills through training provided  by Amnesty
  • A lot of space for your ideas
  • Expense allowance 

Are you an activist leader and excited to set up a new campaign for Amnesty? Do not hesitate and send an email with your resume and motivation letter to info@ainu.amnesty.nl