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Amnesty International the Netherlands

Who we are

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 7 million supporters, members and activists in over 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights. We are independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion, and are funded mainly by our membership and public donations. With around 255.000 members, Amnesty the Netherlands is one of the larger sections. 


Amnesty International’s vision is of a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards. In pursuit of this vision, Amnesty International’s mission is to undertake research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of these rights.

Our core values
Amnesty International forms a global community of human rights defenders based on the principles of international solidarity, effective action for the individual victim, global coverage, the universality and indivisibility of human rights, impartiality and independence, and democracy and mutual respect.

Our methods
Amnesty International addresses governments, intergovernmental organizations, armed political groups, companies and other non-state actors. Amnesty International seeks to expose human rights abuses accurately, quickly and persistently.

Amnesty systematically and impartially researches the facts of individual cases and patterns of human rights abuses. These findings are publicized, and members, supporters and staff mobilize public pressure on governments and others to stop the abuses. In addition to its work on specific abuses of human rights, Amnesty International urges all governments and all relevant powers to observe the rule of law, and to ratify and implement human rights standards; it carries out a wide range of human rights educational activities; and it encourages intergovernmental organisations, individuals, and all organs of society to support and respect human rights.

 	Op donderdag 14 juni voert Amnesty International actie voor Syrië bij de Russische ambassade in Den Haag. © Marieke Wijntjes / AI

Amnesty International the Netherlands

The Dutch section of Amnesty International is located in Amsterdam. Approximately 100 staff members and 50 volunteers work together to plan and coordinate Amnesty’s activities: campaigning, human rights education, lobby, media work and fundraising. These activities are carried out in close contact with Amnesty’s International Secretariat in London. Since 15 March 2006, Eduard Nazarski is the Director of Amnesty International the Netherlands. 

Throughout the country, over 560.000 volunteers are active for Amnesty through one of our networks. Volunteers who are active for our local groups organize many activities, mobilizing the public for and informing them about human rights. 

Center for International Justice
In September 2012, a representative body for Amnesty International at the International Criminal Court and other international institutions in The Hague was established: The Hague Center for International Justice.

Amnesty huis Amsterdam © AI

Priorities for 2015

In 2015, Amnesty the Netherlands works on a number of prioritized projects. Our choice was guided by internal and external factors and fits in with the international strategy. Of course we continue our activities for individual victims of human rights violations. We will keep on monitoring developments in the human rights field and if need be, we will respond with action, lobby or generate publicity.



Amnesty International the Netherlands is an association under Dutch law (vereniging) and observes a formal system of accountability as set out in the Statute and General Regulations. Amnesty International the Netherlands is a membership-based organization. Members are represented by the Membership Council. The governance is divided amongst the Board and the Membership Council.

Membership Council
The Membership Council is the supervising body and meets twice a year. Its main tasks are supervising the governing of Amnesty the Netherlands and approving of important policy issues, including longer term strategy as well as annual budget. The Membership Council appoints members of the Board and the members for the Board’s Financial Committee and Board of Appeals.

Learn more about the Membership Council

The Board is the governing body and upholds the principles of the Code of Good Governance for Charities and acts accordingly. Composition of the Board and its tasks are laid down in the Statute and General Regulations of Amnesty the Netherlands. The Board monitors the implementation of the Membership Council’s decisions. Since 9 June 2011, Ila Kasem is chairman of the Board.

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Contact Amnesty the Netherlands

Postal address
Postbus 1968
1000 BZ Amsterdam

Physical address 
Keizersgracht 177 
1016 DR Amsterdam 
Phone: +31 (0)20 - 626 44 36 
Fax: +31 (0)20 - 624 08 89 
Office hours: 9.00 till 17.00 h

Read more about Amnesty International on our international website